Monday, January 4, 2010


Out with the old and in with the new!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010 Two Ring POCKET sessions for kids this winter!

Something new and different at Two Ring camp!
New POCKET sessions for kids!
A POCKET session is:
1/2 hour session
25-50 images on CD
In studio or outdoors

I will be offering these discounted sessions for the month of February and if they go well I will carry it on through the month of March.


*pocket sessions do not apply to newborn sessions. 2 child limit, $10.00 per additional child. Only 1 family per session. Applies to children 3 months to 12 years. Must be in the greater Lansing, MI area.

PLEASE e-mail me to book your session. Limited number of sessions will be taken and you may only get the discount if you book your February session by the end of January. Lock your date in now!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jessica and Andrew: Wedding Sneak Peek 10.24.09

Yes, yes, so behind! I had over 2,000 images (just from my camera) to sort and edit for this wedding so it took me a while to get to this point!
I went to High School with Jessica (the bride) and she had seen various weddings I'd done for girls we went to high school with so when she propositioned me to come out to Maryland I think we were both joking about it at 1st but after a while it seemed to make sense.
It was such a great mini vacation (although my family didn't get to go but rather my amazing assistant, Shawn). We did have some time to sight see but also took a ton of pictures!
The wedding day it was completely stormy and rainy but when it came times for pictures the sun came out for just a bit. We had maybe 1/2 hour to get some pictures done stat!
The next day of course was gorgeous so I stole the newlyweds for another few hours where we went to a breathtaking park and took some more pictures.
Definitely an amazing experience.
IMG_0263 copy

IMG_0273 copy

IMG_0335 copy

IMG_0655 copy

IMG_0680 copy 2

IMG_0482 copy 2

IMG_0401 copy

IMG_0421 copy


IMG_1845 copy

IMG_1747 copy 2

IMG_1686 copy

IMG_0291 copy

IMG_0426 copy

IMG_0440 copy

IMG_0503 copy

IMG_0487 copy

IMG_1919 copy

IMG_1849 copy

IMG_1980 copy

IMG_2034 copy

IMG_1952 copy

IMG_0374 copy

IMG_0609 copy

IMG_0695 copy

IMG_0461 copy

IMG_0533 copy

IMG_0590 copy

IMG_0711 copy

IMG_0516 copy

IMG_1946 copy

IMG_2009 copy

IMG_2006 copy

IMG_2025 copy

IMG_1969 copy

IMG_1929 copy

IMG_1797 copy

IMG_1765 copy

IMG_1630 copy

IMG_0723 copy

IMG_0620 copy

IMG_0343 copy

IMG_0319 copy

IMG_0452 copy

IMG_1744 copy

IMG_0562 copy

IMG_0686 copy

IMG_1885 copy

IMG_1816 copy

IMG_1679 copy